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Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab

Unfortunately, surgery is often unavoidable. Here at Renew Physical Therapy we focus on a rehabilitation program that restores range of motion and improves strength to maximize optimal post-surgical results. Prehab can accelerate post-surgical recovery.

After surgery, physical therapy is almost always necessary. We will create a plan of care specific to patient needs and goals to allow patient to return to daily activities and hobbies without restrictions.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a useful and effective technique used to decrease pain all while improving mobility and improve ability to tolerate therapeutic exercise. Manual therapy is a hands-on technique that is used for a variety of reasons such as improving joint mobility, increasing blood flow, and assisting with neurological input resulting in reduction of pain with exercise.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) – is also a manual technique we use with an instrument and some form of pain cream to reduce soft tissue adhesions, inflammation, and tissue restrictions with the intension of improving tissue extensibility for pain reduction.


Dry Needling – “DN”

Dry Needling is a technique that can be an effective tool in reducing muscle pain, improving mobility, and promoting muscle recovery.

Dry needling uses a thin filiform needle directly into the “trigger point” or “point of pain” penetrating the skin, connective tissue, and into the muscle belly. The goal of DN is to reduce muscle pain, improve joint range of motion, increase blood flow, speed up recovery time, and decrease pain.

We use DN on a variety of diagnosis with the most common being low back pain, cervical pain, and headaches.


Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Chronic pain can a lot of times feel debilitating and defeating leaving people feeling hopeless. Over the past decade, research proves that there is in fact HOPE. Whether you have been experiencing pain for 3 months or 10 years, there is hope for you to be pain-free! At Renew, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation and establish functional and realistic goals. Through education and understanding of your symptoms, you can make improvements toward achieving your goals. Choose physical therapy for your chronic pain. We can not wait to be a part of your journey to recovery.


Vertigo Treatment

Physical Therapy is the number one treatment for BPPV. Usually, it can be resolved as quickly as one or two treatments. We use minimally invasive positional maneuvers such as the Epley Maneuver to treat vertigo symptoms. This technique has very positive outcomes. The Epley works by allowing the “free-floating” crystals from the semicircular canal be relocated into the utricle, thus resulting in resolution of the vertigo symptoms.

Once BPPV is resolved, patients often need additional therapy including vestibular habituation, eye tracking, and balance exercises. Our therapists are trained to screen for issues such as neck and back injury, vascular conditions, and retinal detachment to ensure these maneuvers are safe for you.


Fall Prevention

As we age, the risk of falling becomes more prevalent. Once you experience a fall, the risk of falling again doubles. Falls are responsible for approximately 95 precent of hip injures and can be debilitating to the older adult.


Physical Therapy and the Physical Therapist can help significantly reduce your risk of falling by:


  1. Evaluating and assessing your risk of falling

  2. Education on safety of your home to reduce risk of falls

  3. Designing an individualized exercise program to improve static, dynamic, and reactive balance to further reduce fall risk.


Neurological Rehabilitation

At Renew Physical Therapy and Performance we treat patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and many other neurological disorders. We also treat patients who have had strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. With 1-on-1 skilled physical therapy services provided by a Physical Therapist for one full hour, we believe we provide the best environment to assist you with reaching your goals.

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