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With our background heavy in athletics and strength and conditioning training, we believe that the body is made to move and adapt constantly. At Renew Physical Therapy and Performance, we want to provide targeted athletic performance assessments in order to build an exercise program to advance your accomplishments. These programs can be for young athletes, aging adults, or for those health and wellness fanatics. We also use performance-based programs to continue your progress once physical therapy treatment goals have been met.


Functional Movement Screen “FMS”

The FMS is a tool used for standardized movement screen to see how an individual, no matter their age, is moving in everyday life. The FMS considers both mobility and stability and equips the Physical Therapist with information to assist with exercise programming with precision and purpose. The FMS is quick and only takes 10 minutes to gain all this valuable information.


Here at Renew Physical Therapist and Performance both of our therapists are certified in FMS Level 1. This helps our therapist identify patterns that are not ideal and need to be corrected. This allows the therapist to develop a more patient specific exercise program. Our goal is to not only to maximum your workout but your everyday life.


Exercise Programming

At Renew Physical Therapy and Performance, we have a strong foundation in strength and conditioning. Whether you are just wanting to begin an exercise program or learn how you can take your current program to the next level, we can assist you in developing an exercise program to maximize your potential.

  1. General Strength Training

  2. Sport Specific Training

  3. Pre-Surgical Strengthening

  4. Weight Loss/Lifestyle Training

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